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Welcome to the Punos Music record label. Founded by Nick Didkovsky, the label's mission is to release Nick's more extreme musical projects.

Find out more about our releases by clicking the thumbnails below. You can use a PayPal cart to purchase CD's, or you may order them from Wayside Music, or download from iTunes or eMusic (you will see links for these for each record).

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CHORD - new music for electric guitar

CHORD (Punos Music, PM0011)
New music for electric guitar.
Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Tom Marsan - guitar
CHORD is deeply immersive, noisy, slowly evolving heavy electric guitar music. Performed by Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Vomit Fist, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Alice Cooper) and Tom Marsan (Delta Garage, Superjail), CHORD uses amp distortion, feedback, tone shaping, and musical artifacts created on the edges of gesture. Dense textures that reward careful listening.

Vomit Fist - Forgive But Avenge

Vomit Fist - Forgive But Avenge
Vomit Fist's first EP.
"FUCKIN SICK ALBUM GUYS!!!!!!!!!" - Cuba Thomas
"'This will hurt someone!' Blistering grindcore featuring a guitarist better known for his genre-defying work in Doctor Nerve" - Chris Alfano
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Heavy Metal Wedding Music

Metal Wedding - Bridal Chorus (electric guitar version) (Punos Music, PM0010)

An orchestra of soaring electric guitars performs The Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride). Metal in spirit, glorious in its grandeur, this two minute arrangement is respectful of Wagner's original, while featuring fiery intensity, sensitivity, and resplendent heavy metal guitar tones.

Wedding music for metal heads and Queen fans!

Doctor Nerve The Monkey Farm CD front cover art

Doctor Nerve - The Monkey Farm (Punos Music, PM0009)
The Monkey Farm is Nick Didkovsky's setting for stories written by Charles O'Meara (Forever Einstein, Chris Cutler, Biota). Framed by razor sharp conducted improvisation performed by the legendary and incorruptible band Doctor Nerve, these short, vivid, darkly funny recollections of childhood are read by theatre director Valeria Vasilevski (known for her extreme work with Diamanda Gallas among others). Real-time voice warping software designed by Phil Burk, Robert Marsanyi, and Didkovsky, colors the reading, which at times invokes the spirits of Captain Beefheart, John Cage, and David Sedaris.

Zine Nine Psychedelic CD front cover art

Zinc Nine Psychedelic (Punos Music, PM0008)
On November 5, 2006 Zinc Nine Psychedelic performed at Jimmy's #43 in New York City. The trio started early, skipped sound check, and just kept going... performing almost three hours without interruption.

Dave Ballou - trumpet, electronics
Nick Didkovsky - guitar, table top guitar, and homebrew software
Kevin Norton - drums, percussion
NEWS Now available on iTunes Music Store!

Beats and Ringtones, Vol 1 CD front cover art

Beats and Ringtones, Vol. 1 (Punos Music, PM0007)
The nine tracks on this CD were generated by software created by Nick Didkovsky. Nick's software uses a bank of customizable audio samples and generates highly detailed and rhythmically tight beats. This is compelling electronica: skittering, driving, rhythmically intense music.

Swim This: Didkovsky, Lytle, Hemingway CD front cover art

Swim This (Punos Music, PM0006)
Swim This is a new trio that spontaneously generates a world of intensely focused and evocative improvised music. The group creates a visceral and deep listening experience where no moment is lost, and each sound is projected with maximum momentum and razor sharp clarity.

Nick Didkovsky - table top guitar and homebrew software
Gerry Hemingway - drums, voice with occasional processing
Michael Lytle - bass and contrabass clarinet, prerecorded tape

Every Screaming Ear CD by Doctor Nerve

Doctor Nerve: Every Screaming Ear (Punos Music, PM0005)
Intense concert recordings of Doctor Nerve, and collaborations with Meridian Arts Ensemble, NewEar Ensemble, and Isso Yukihiro Group.

"Every aspect of the band is represented in its context: the ultra-complex, light-speed fast tunes, the contemporary chamber works, and the downright craziness that becomes so palpable when seeing the band live..."

Beta 14 ok cd by Doctor Nerve

Doctor Nerve: Beta 14 ok (Punos Music, PM0004)
Contains SCREAMINGLY high energy performances of superbly convoluted compositions. Nothing sounds like Doctor Nerve, New York City's premiere fast and furious instrumental rock band.

Binky Boy: electric guitar music CD front cover art

Binky Boy (Punos Music, PM0003)
Binky Boy explodes electric guitar conventions, covering ground from Greek folk music, to radical sound constructions, improvisation, and intricate composition for guitar quartet. Founder and composer of the avant-rock band Doctor Nerve, Nick Didkovsky invites guests Fred Frith, Rene Lussier, Mark Stewart, and Mark Howell to reshape and redefine the possibilities of the electric guitar on this all-electric guitar CD.