Doctor Nerve: Beta 14 Ok

Doctor Nerve: Beta 14 ok



Doctor Nerve, Beta 14 ok

Doctor Nerve, Beta 14 OK contains SCREAMINGLY high energy performances of superbly convoluted compositions

"Riotous punk jazz freak-out, expertly written and performed. One of Doctor Nerve's very finest."

(Punos Music, PM0004).

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1. Splinter
2. Nerveware No. 1
3. Nerveware No. 2
4. Bundesgrenzschutz Sektor 2
5. Money Where Your Mouth Is
6. Did Unna Die ?
7. Did Mallets Die ?
8. Armed Observation
9. Bundesgrenzschutz Sektor 1
10. Trash
11. Nerveware No. 3
12. Frogs Where Your Mouth Is
13. Our Soldiers Are Soft as Babies, and They Squander Their Stipends A-Whoring
14. Did Sprinting Die ?
15. Pain Waits Until 5 PM
16. Fast Fourier Fugue
17...60, "44 Nerve Events for you to program in inventive sequences"

Greg Anderson - electric bass
Leo Ciesa - drums
Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar
Dave Douglas - trumpet and baritone thing
Yves Duboin - soprano sax
Michael Lytle - bass clarinet
Marc Wagnon- vibraphone

Recorded by Martin Bisi at Bisi Studios
Produced by Nick Didkovsky

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