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Welcome to the Punos Music record label. Founded by Nick Didkovsky, the label's mission is to release Nick's more extreme musical projects.

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CHORD IV Best of 2021 on A Jazz Noise!

Doctor Nerve "LOUD" Best of 2020 on Avant Music News and RockAxis Official!

CHORD and Vomit Fist Best of 2019 on A Jazz Noise and Sonic Abuse!

Seagull Brain - Mark Howell and Chris Cochrane and Nick Didkovsky

Seagull Brain
Chris Cochrane - guitar, Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Mark Howell - guitar

Three stalwarts of New York's avant/noise/rock scene team up to create Seagull Brain, the debut record by guitarists Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Vomit Fist), Chris Cochrane (No Safety, Collapsible Shoulder), and Mark Howell (Timber, Zero Pop). They rallied in the summer of 2023 for two intensive recording sessions in a rehearsal space in Brooklyn. The sessions captured the urgency of three veteran musicians discovering the joy of a long overdue musical collaboration. The nine tracks on Seagull Brain speak with an intensity that will resonate with fans of progressive rock and avant/improvised music.

Sean Walsh and Nick Didkovsky Guitar Duets: Five Demos

Guitar Duets: Five Demos
Sean Walsh - guitar, Nick Didkovsky - guitar

Enigmatic electric guitar duets composed and performed by Sean Walsh and Nick Didkovsky. Sean proposed the idea of a duo collaboration a while back. We jumped into this with no preconceptions, instead following the music that we discovered over the course of a number of musical meetings, and letting it show the way. We decided to release these demos in advance of our full release (coming some time in 2024) because we love how this is coming out and we wanted you to see and hear what we've been up to!

Screaming into the Yawning Vacuum of Victory - Nick Didkovsky and Mark Howell

Screaming into the Yawning Vacuum of Victory
Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Mark Howell - guitar

Mark Howell and Nick Didkovsky first began working together in 1989 in Fred Frith's electric guitar quartet.

In 2021 they recorded twenty-one new, urgent, idiosyncratic electric guitar duos infused with humor, precision, quirky grooves, and heavy skronk.

We are super proud of this music, created by two stalwarts of the NYC downtown scene.

Now I Do This - Nick Didkovsky

Now I Do This
Nick Didkovsky - re-release of his 1982 solo record

Early experimental compositions using prepared guitar, electronics, homemade instruments, tape manipulation... some of the freakiest, most personal and experimental music Nick has ever made

Prepared electric guitar, tape, electronics, percussion, ARP2600, Synclavier, voice, contact mics, homemade nail violin, electric spring harp, and bonus tracks that have never seen the light of day until now!

Doctor Nerve LOUD t-shirt

Doctor Nerve LOUD T-SHIRT.

Full color artwork by Masato Okano printed on a high quality shirt!

These came out great!

CHORD IV, fourth release. ecstatic deep listening electric guitar

Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Tom Marsan - guitar

Fourth release by CHORD. Heavy, deep listening electric guitar music seething with boiling metal feedback and distortion.

CHORD IV takes another leap forward for the band. Listening through from beginning to end immerses the listener in a profound sonic journey that begins with the wrenching agonies of “half life” and leaves us with the ecstatic and dark ascension of “rise”.

CHASTE punk hardcore


CHASTE is an aggressive punk/hardcore band from NYC with Vomit Fist drummer Leo Didkovsky. Debut vinyl release! Noisy and vile.

Doctor Nerve LOUD new release on Punos Music

Doctor Nerve "LOUD"

LOUD may be the heaviest and most hard-hitting Doctor Nerve yet!
Limited edition heavyweight colored, autographed, hand-numbered vinyl, CD, and digital.

Guests Henry Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Robert Musso, Kevin Hufnagel, René Lussier, Andrew Hawkins, Matt Hollenberg, and Shawn Persinger!

CHORD III, third release. ecstatic deep listening electric guitar

CHORD III full length
Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Tom Marsan - guitar

CHORD III draws the listener further into the chasms of sound that were excavated by their first two releases. CHORD III takes the listener into realms of brutality and spiritual transcendence. Recorded live in real-time without studio overdubs, CHORD III follows the duo's tradition of using amp distortion, density, feedback, and musical artifacts to craft a dense universe of ecstatic, immersive textures that reward careful, detail-rich listening.

Vomit Fist - Omnicide - art by Paolo Girardi

Vomit Fist - Omnicide (Punos Music, VF002)
Best of 2019 by Sonic Abuse!
Second release from Vomit Fist! Omnicide pushes forward with heightened intensity and poetry. Beautiful cover art by Paolo Girardi. This is a landmark release!

Order Vomit Fist Omnicide now

Alice Cooper Pretties for You performed live

Pretties For You LIVE performance DVD order
The first Alice Cooper record "Pretties for You" performed live by Paul Bertolino, Nick Didkovsky, Glenn Johnson, Max Johnson, Adam Minkoff, and Nick Oddy! Premiered Nov 8, 2015 at The Stone as part of Nick Didkovsky's residency. With guest Dennis Dunaway, bassist and founding member of the Alice Cooper group. Three cameras, great sound, excellent document of an improbable event.
"I've always wanted to hear my favorite Alice Cooper record loud, clear, and live. I didn't have a time machine, so I put this band together." - Nick Didkovsky

Dylan DiLella / CHORD - split, new not-normal music for electric guitar

Dylan DiLella / CHORD "split" (Punos Music, PM0014) full length
Dylan DiLella - guitar
Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Tom Marsan - guitar

Third record from the free metal electric guitar duo CHORD.
Sharing this release with extreme solo electric guitar pieces by Dylan DiLella (Pyrrhon/Yowie). We are very proud to offer you this CD of challenging, relentlessly inventive and raw electric guitar music.

Dark Ages - heavy epic

Dark Ages (CHANT Records, CR1806DA) full length
Dark Ages is a recording by five stalwarts of the restless New York City scene who gathered on a snowy winter night in Brooklyn to record together with one twisted mind. Recorded by the legendary Martin Bisi.

  • Tom Shad - BEAD Bass
  • Jesse Krakow - Bass
  • Nick Didkovsky - Guitar
  • Nick Oddy - Guitar
  • Dave Miller - Drums
  • CHORD - new music for electric guitar

    CHORD II (Punos Music, PM0012) full length
    Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Tom Marsan - guitar
    Best of 2019 by A Jazz Noise!!!
    Second release from this free metal electric guitar duo! CHORD II is an ambitious step forward from CHORD's eponymous first release.

    "...a brutal cascade of sonic artifacts that immerse the listener in a beautiful sea of noisy guitar textures dripping down the walls... slow moving ambient slabs of free-metal." - Peter Thelen, Exposé

    CHORD - new music for electric guitar

    CHORD (Punos Music, PM0011)
    New music for electric guitar.
    Nick Didkovsky - guitar, Tom Marsan - guitar
    CHORD is deeply immersive, noisy, slowly evolving heavy electric guitar music. Performed by Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Vomit Fist, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Alice Cooper) and Tom Marsan (Delta Garage, Superjail), CHORD uses amp distortion, feedback, tone shaping, and musical artifacts created on the edges of gesture. Dense textures that reward careful listening.

    Vomit Fist - Forgive But Avenge

    Vomit Fist - Forgive But Avenge
    Vomit Fist's first EP.
    "FUCKIN SICK ALBUM GUYS!!!!!!!!!" - Cuba Thomas
    "'This will hurt someone!' Blistering grindcore featuring a guitarist better known for his genre-defying work in Doctor Nerve" - Chris Alfano
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    Heavy Metal Wedding Music

    Metal Wedding - Bridal Chorus (electric guitar version) (Punos Music, PM0010)

    An orchestra of soaring electric guitars performs The Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride). Metal in spirit, glorious in its grandeur, this two minute arrangement is respectful of Wagner's original, while featuring fiery intensity, sensitivity, and resplendent heavy metal guitar tones.

    Wedding music for metal heads and Queen fans!

    Doctor Nerve The Monkey Farm CD front cover art

    Doctor Nerve - The Monkey Farm (Punos Music, PM0009)
    The Monkey Farm is Nick Didkovsky's setting for stories written by Charles O'Meara (Forever Einstein, Chris Cutler, Biota). Framed by razor sharp conducted improvisation performed by the legendary and incorruptible band Doctor Nerve, these short, vivid, darkly funny recollections of childhood are read by theatre director Valeria Vasilevski (known for her extreme work with Diamanda Gallas among others). Real-time voice warping software designed by Phil Burk, Robert Marsanyi, and Didkovsky, colors the reading, which at times invokes the spirits of Captain Beefheart, John Cage, and David Sedaris.

    Zine Nine Psychedelic CD front cover art

    Zinc Nine Psychedelic (Punos Music, CD and DVD)

    DVD: Amazing live performance at Tribeca New Music at The Cell in 2009

    CD: Zinc Nine Psychedelic performing at Jimmy's #43 in New York City. The trio started early, skipped sound check, and just kept going...

    Dave Ballou - trumpet, electronics
    Nick Didkovsky - guitar
    Kevin Norton - drums, percussion

    Beats and Ringtones, Vol 1 CD front cover art

    Beats and Ringtones, Vol. 1 (Punos Music, PM0007)
    The nine tracks on this CD were generated by software created by Nick Didkovsky. Nick's software uses a bank of customizable audio samples and generates highly detailed and rhythmically tight beats. This is compelling electronica: skittering, driving, rhythmically intense music.

    Swim This: Didkovsky, Lytle, Hemingway CD front cover art

    Swim This (Punos Music, PM0006)
    Swim This is a new trio that spontaneously generates a world of intensely focused and evocative improvised music. The group creates a visceral and deep listening experience where no moment is lost, and each sound is projected with maximum momentum and razor sharp clarity.

    Nick Didkovsky - table top guitar and homebrew software
    Gerry Hemingway - drums, voice with occasional processing
    Michael Lytle - bass and contrabass clarinet, prerecorded tape

    Every Screaming Ear CD by Doctor Nerve

    Doctor Nerve: Every Screaming Ear (Punos Music, PM0005)
    Intense concert recordings of Doctor Nerve, and collaborations with Meridian Arts Ensemble, NewEar Ensemble, and Isso Yukihiro Group.

    "Every aspect of the band is represented in its context: the ultra-complex, light-speed fast tunes, the contemporary chamber works, and the downright craziness that becomes so palpable when seeing the band live..."

    Beta 14 ok cd by Doctor Nerve

    Doctor Nerve: Beta 14 ok (Punos Music, PM0004)
    Contains SCREAMINGLY high energy performances of superbly convoluted compositions. Nothing sounds like Doctor Nerve, New York City's premiere fast and furious instrumental rock band.

    Binky Boy: electric guitar music CD front cover art

    Binky Boy (Punos Music, PM0003)
    Binky Boy explodes electric guitar conventions, covering ground from Greek folk music, to radical sound constructions, improvisation, and intricate composition for guitar quartet. Founder and composer of the avant-rock band Doctor Nerve, Nick Didkovsky invites guests Fred Frith, Rene Lussier, Mark Stewart, and Mark Howell to reshape and redefine the possibilities of the electric guitar on this all-electric guitar CD.

    Phill Niblock and Nick Didkovsky Punos Music