Dylan DiLella / C H O R D - split

C H O R D / Dylan DiLella - split C H O R D / Dylan DiLella - split

Listen to 'purify' from split:

Dylan DiLella / CHORD split
C H O R D / Dylan DiLella - split

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We are very proud to offer you "split": a CD of challenging, relentlessly inventive and raw electric guitar music. This is a truly unique item sizzling with extreme creative electricity.

This is a split release by Dylan DiLella and CHORD. Two tracks of solo guitar by DiLella and three guitar duos by CHORD. Over 40 minutes of not-normal electric guitar music.

Dylan DiLella is a Brooklyn based guitarist primarily known for his work in Pyrrhon. This recording is the follow-up to his solo guitar debut Flayed Oration which was self-released in 2016. DiLella's frantic yet atmospheric approach to solo guitar might bring to mind a variety disparate influences, such as Fripp & Eno's No Pussyfooting, Sonic Youth, the contemporary New York City free improv scene, and Merzbow. However, the perplexing final product is unmistakably DiLella's unique musical vision. Recorded live and featuring minimal editing, DiLella fearlessly explores and disparages the fine line between improvisation and meticulous composition.

CHORD is deeply immersive heavy electric guitar music performed by Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Vomit Fist, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Alice Cooper) and Tom Marsan (Delta Garage, The Handler's Hand). Recorded live in real-time without studio overdubs, CHORD transports the listener into extreme density: amp distortion, feedback, nuanced tone shaping, and musical artifacts created on the edges of gesture.. Ecstatic, immersive textures that reward careful, detail-rich listening. This is their third release and CHORD is proud to share it with Dylan.
These sounds are lifeblood - Marco Oppedisano, guitarist/composer

...a brutal cascade of sonic artifacts that immerse the listener in a beautiful sea of noisy guitar textures dripping down the walls... slow moving ambient slabs of free-metal... completely free of all the constraining trappings of rock music. - Peter Thelen, Exposé

...an orgy for the ears of guitar freaks everywhere. - Ken Shimamoto, The Stash Dauber

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