Nick Didkovsky and Mark Howell:
Screaming into the Yawning Vacuum of Victory (EP)
album art by Sasha Didkovsky
Mark Howell and Nick Didkovsky first began working together in 1989 in Fred Frith's electric guitar quartet. They've enjoyed years of friendship since.

During Mark's visit to New York City in 2021, he and Nick grabbed a few hours during the afternoons of 9/6 and 9/24 to record some guitar duos. They brought a wide range of ideas, compositions, and sketches to the table and worked fast, recording roughly half of the 21 tracks here in each session.

We are thrilled to be working together again, and very excited to present the music we made together here!

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Nick Didkovsky - 1986 Les Paul Custom, Marshall Super Bass, Kolbe 1x12 ported cab, no pedals
Mark Howell - 1972 Les Paul Standard, Marshall JCM800 2205, Kolbe 1x12 ported cab, no pedals

Album art by Sasha von Didkovsky

Track Listing
1. Can you? (Didkovsky) 00:25
2. Fat Dad, Fat Son (Didkovsky) 00:36
3. Chunko (Didkovsky) 1:20
4. Snappin' Boils (Didkovsky) 1:07
5. Twitch Code (Didkovsky) 1:54
6. Napkin (Howell) 00:31
7. Takeout (Howell) 1:26
8. Easy Action (Didkovsky) 00:53
9. On (Howell) 00:21
10. Paper - MH solo version (Howell) 00:20
11. Bust (Didkovsky/Howell) 00:04
12. Bunch (Didkovsky/Howell) 00:22
13. Carwash (Howell) 00:15
14. Make It Stop (Didkovsky) 00:20
15. Paper - duo version (Howell) 00:19
16. A (Howell) 00:24
17. Mighty Bunch (Didkovsky/Howell) 00:43
18. Automagically (Howell) 1:24
19. Luscious (Didkovsky) 00:25
20. The As Usual Dance Towards the
Other Flight to What is Not - section G
(Fred Frith) 00:46
21. Heat (Didkovsky/Howell) 1:52

Guitarist Mark Howell arrived in New York City in 1982, and a year later formed Better Than Death (BTD) with bass clarinetist Michael Lytle. In 1986 he collaborated with Etron Fou saxophonist, Bruno Meillier to form Zero Pop. Shortly thereafter they recorded, All the Big Mystics and Glows in the Dark, and between 1986 and 1994 toured Europe seven times and the United States three. In between Zero Pop tours BTD recorded Swimman (1987), supported by a U.S. tour.

Nick Didkovsky is a guitarist, composer, and music software programmer. He founded the rock band Doctor Nerve in 1983, the metal bands Häßliche Luftmasken and Vomit Fist, and the free metal guitar duo CHORD. He has composed for Bang On A Can All-Stars, Meridian Arts Ensemble, ETHEL, and others. His compositions and guitar work appear on over 50 records. Album credits include Alice Cooper "Paranormal".


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