Doctor Nerve: Every Screaming Ear

Doctor Nerve

Every Screaming Ear
Intense concert recordings of Doctor Nerve, and collaborations
with Meridian Arts Ensemble, NewEar Ensemble, and Isso Yukihiro


Doctor Nerve, Every Screaming Ear

Doctor Nerve, Every Screaming Ear reveals itself as the ultimate Doctor Nerve experience. Every aspect of the band is represented in its context, so to speak: the ultra-complex, light-speed fast tunes, the contemporary chamber works, and the downright craziness that becomes so palpable when seeing the band live. The Nerve experience translates completely to record. All the essential Doctor Nerve is represented on this disc. A must for fans of avant-rock madness.
~ François Couture, All Music Guide

(Punos Music, PM0005).

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1. Nerveware No. 8 NewEar Ensemble w/ Nick Didkovsky [2:43]
2. Splinter [2:27]
3. Money Where Your Mainz Is [0:57]
4. Wir Sind Dickhäuter [1:48]
5. Where Mainz Is Your Unna [1:03]
6. Unnas Rumpus Doctor Nerve [0:57]
7. Sister Cancer Brother Dollar [2:30]
8. Armed Observation [2:28]
9. Nerveware No. 3 [4:11]
10. Preaching To the Converted Isso Yukihiro Group w/ Nick Didkovsky recorded live in Tokyo [5:28]
11. Beta 14 Ok [1:44]
12. Nothing You Can Do Phone Me [0:04]
13. Nerveware No. 1 [0:29]
14. Dumb Deconstruction [5:09]
15. They Were As If They Also Which Pierced Him Doctor Nerve [2:23]
16. Spy Boy [3:11]
17. Pain Waits Until 5pm [6:35]
18. Verily Steaming Aria [0:43]
19. Out To Bomb Fresh Kings [1:29]
20. When It Blows Its Stacks (Beefheart cover arr. ND) Doctor Nerve with Meridian Arts Ensemble [5:35]

Greg Anderson - electric bass
Leo Ciesa - drums
Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar
Dave Douglas - trumpet and baritone thing
Yves Duboin - soprano sax
Rob Henke - trumpet
Michael Lytle - bass clarinet
Marc Wagnon- vibraphone

Produced by Nick Didkovsky

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