Nick Didkovsky - Now I Do This

Nick's 1982 solo record re-released for the first time!
album art by Tom Marsan
Early experimental compositions using prepared guitar, electronics, homemade instruments, tape manipulation... some of the freakiest, most staunchly don't-care-who-likes-this music I've ever made.

"Now I Do This" was my first solo record, released on vinyl in 1982. About half of this material was created at The MacColl Studio for Electronic Music at Brown University, where Gerald "Shep" Shapiro was my instructor and mentor. After graduation, I bought a 1/2" four track Scully tape deck, and produced the rest of these pieces at home or at The Creative Music Studio with this amazing machine. All I have left of the Scully today is the splicing block.

Now, for the first time since 1982, you hear this.
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Nick Didkovsky - prepared electric guitar, tape, electronics, percussion, ARP2600, Synclavier, voice, contact mics, homemade nail violin, electric spring harp.

Thanks to Chuck Vrtacek who led the way with his first solo record when we were roommates in 1981/82. I followed in his footsteps with Now I Do This.

Special thanks to Ben Shapiro for lending me his Otari 1/4" tape deck, for his guidance throughout the tape baking and restoration process, and for declicking and depopping the few tracks that didn't survive the aging tape, and were instead transferred from virgin vinyl.

Album art by Tom Marsan (brush and ink)

Track Listing
1. Flykiller 01:52
2. Buoyant Saint Vesa Block Party 06:55
3. Of Metal and Wood 02:37
4. Wig Piggly 06:34
5. Breath 02:44
6. Silesian Winter 15:58
7. Flykiller (bonus track, 1982 mix) 01:48
8. Drown Blinder (bonus track) 07:27
9. Mokele Mbembe (bonus track) 10:51
10. Chanedra (bonus track) 08:34

Two of the bonus tracks were performed by ensembles, as listed below.

Mokele Mbembe
Nick Didkovsky - prepared guitar
Ann Sheldon - cello
Mark Glaza - clarinet
Leo Ciesa - percussion
Recorded live to four track tape in Studio A at The Creative Music Studio, Woodstock, NY in 1981.

Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar, electric bass, alto recorder, percussion
Pat Eastman - piano
John Roulat - drums
Recorded at MacColl Studio For Electronic Music, Brown University in 1980


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