Chris Cochrane, Nick Didkovsky, Mark Howell Seagull Brain
Three stalwarts of New York's avant/noise/rock scene team up to create Seagull Brain, the debut record by guitarists Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Vomit Fist), Chris Cochrane (No Safety, Collapsible Shoulder), and Mark Howell (Timber, Zero Pop). They rallied in the summer of 2023 for two intensive recording sessions in a rehearsal space in Brooklyn. The sessions captured the urgency of three veteran musicians discovering the joy of a long overdue musical collaboration. The nine tracks on Seagull Brain speak with an intensity that will resonate with fans of progressive rock and avant/improvised music.
Track listing
1. Grab a Tea [5:46]
2. Seagull Brain [5:26]
3. A Day of Cold Food [1:42]
4. She Walks by Every Morning with an Empty Carriage [0:41]
5. The Certainty of the Uncertainty Principle or... [4:27]
6. Glacial Riptide [7:36]
7. Infestation [7:08]
8. It’s Hard to Breathe in the Bright Light [0:28]
9. Interdependence [0:23]

Nick Didkovsky · Grab a Tea
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Recorded June 2 & 9, 2023 at Band Spaces, Brooklyn
Engineered, edited, and mixed by Nick Didkovsky
Mastering by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios
Produced by Howell/Cochrane/Didkovsky
All tracks (c) 2023 Didkovsky / Punos Music (BMI), Chris Cochrane / Safno Music (BMI), Mark Howell / Nanih Waiya Music (BMI), except Interdependence (c) 2023 Chris Cochrane / Safno Music (BMI)

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